Welcome to PowerPig Studios

I do sound and rent sound equipment to DJs, schools, and Churches.

I also do IT Services and computer support.


When I do sound for bands and other events I sometimes will stream them on the links below:

The PowerPig's DLive Channel  <-The main live channel.  All live shows will be here and restream some shows to other sites.

The PowerPig's YouTube Channel <-I will upload some recorded shows here

The PowerPig's Twitch Channel <-I will do some live shows on here

https://t.me/thepowerpig <- Now On Telegram

https://www.nimo.tv/live/1343585626 <- Live Streams on NIMO TV

https://twitter.com/PowerPigStudios <- PowerPig on Twitter


Want to see storm chasers out chasing?  When they are out I will restream them on the following links:

https://www.twitch.tv/n0vzc (Video and Audio Stream) (Weather and current events)

https://dlive.tv/ARERT (Only weather related on this stream)

https://t.me/wxnet (Now on Telegram)


If you wish to donate to PowerPig Studios you can do so here:

Donate to PowerPig Studios via Paypal

My business phone number is 612-200-1960



Need a DJ for a Party or Event?

Contact DJ Mikey





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